Intel英特尔携手上海闪派共同打造 – 门店智能AI解决方案


Intel collaborates with Shanghai SparkPOS to introduce an edge computing AI solution tailored for the catering industry, addressing challenges such as biological contamination, non-compliant operations, and health and safety issues. This solution integrates energy-efficient, high-performance processors with the OpenVINO toolkit to analyze kitchen data in real-time, swiftly identify anomalies, and alert staff, enhancing kitchen standards and operational efficiency. It supports streamlined deployment, reducing costs, and 24-hour monitoring to decrease the need for manual checks. The front-of-house edge AR system optimizes customer experience by intelligently adjusting the environment and integrating POS and robotic services. Intel and Shanghai SparkPOS jointly advance the intelligent transformation of the catering industry, elevating food safety and service quality.